Well, it's Thursday and that means Up and Slightly Adam stopped by the studio this morning.

Some pretty good movies coming out this weekend art Parkwood 17.  It's supposed to cool down this weekend, so it might be a good weekend to catch a movie.

First up we have "Halloween". It's the return of Michael Myers. Jamie Lee Curtis is back after years of taking Activia, so she's all unclogged and ready to take on the evil.

Check out the trailer below

Next up. "The Old Man and the Gun" about a bank robber, played by Robert Redford, that escapes from prison and resumes robbing banks.  he meets a girl, played by Sissy Spacek, and romance ensues.

Check out the trailer below

Also showing this weekend is "Sisters Brothers". An old time western about the big gold rush days in the old west. If you like westerns, this one's for you.

Trailer below

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