Being that I hate small talk more than almost anything Having people ask me questions that I really don't like trying to answer.

It happens mostly in a bar or party setting.  Maybe that's why I try to avoid both of those kinds of things. Years ago, I found myself just making things up. "So, what do you do for a living?" Me "I am a stuntman in porno movies". There, end of converstaion.  Or, "When did you lose your hair?"  Me "What?"  "Your hair, when did you lose you hair?"  Me, running my hand over my head "OMG, what happened to my f'ing hair?".


I've certainly asked my share of unwelcomed or awkward questions. "Are you pregnant?" is always a dangerous one. "Why are you crying, is it your haircut?"  Then, of course, there's always the one where the check out person can't get an item to scan, so feeling extremely clever you comment "That must mean it's free, right?"  I can't imagine how often they hear that one.

What questions tend to annoy you?  Best one wins a spiffy LOON t shirt.

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