There are so many moms who are losing their mind over this incident.  I was watching the news last night and they were even losing their mind over this.

The story is- son was apparently being a bully at school and on the bus.  He was kicked off the bus- suspended for 3 days because of it.  So this kid's dad made him run to school.  It's about a mile.  He can't ride the bus, so he's on his own.  His dad could drive him to work.  But instead decided that his son needed to learn a lesson.  He made him run to school.  The first day it was drizzling a bit.  He had a coat, hat and a backpack.  He was fine.

The child's father was also following along behind him in his vehicle to make sure first that his son did it, and second to make sure he was ok and third to make this video for everyone to see what his punishment was.  People are going crazy about the fact that he is filming with his phone while driving.  Well, he is going about 2-3 miles an hour on a neighborhood road behind his kid.  That slowly you don't have to look at your phone while driving and even if he did, he is going slow enough to do that.


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