Can you recognize these Minnesota sites when you look at them from these heights?

If you see something enough times, you can recognize it pretty easily just by looking at the picture. And if it's something popular and famous enough, you know it pretty quickly. Well, maybe. Exactly what you're seeing and the angle you're seeing it from may throw you off.

One angle most people don't see things from is above. Not too many people have seen these well-known places in Minnesota from overhead.

Take this Spaced Out quiz and see if you can recognize these popular Minnesota places from above. We'll even help you out by giving you a clue. Scroll through and take your best guesses. The answers are at the bottom of the page. Let's see how you do.


Mystery Location #1

This mighty building has been on the big screen, in a film starring the brother of Charlie Sheen.


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Google Maps



Mystery Location #2

Boston, Kansas, and Chicago are far from this place. Can you guess who made the journey to this view from space?


Moondance Stage
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Mystery Location #3

Why millions visit this place is no mystery, and it still has a piece of Minnesota sports history.


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Google Maps



Mystery Location #4

Some might think they look a little crazy when they see Elliot, Clover, Skeeter, Penelope, and Daisy.


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Google Maps



Mystery Location #5

For a few people, this used to be a hidden gem, but now it's visited by a lot of them.


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Google Maps



So, how do you think you did? Let's find out.


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Spaced Out Quiz Answers

Mystery Location #1:

Answer: Stearns County Courthouse.
The Mighty Ducks filmed the opening courtroom scene here. The movie stars Emilio Estevez, who is the brother of Charlie Sheen.


Mystery Location #2:

Answer: Moondance Jam Stage.
Boston, Kansas, Chicago, The Guess Who, and Journey are just a few of the many bands that have played on that stage since its inception in 1992.


Mystery Location #3:

Answer: Mall of America.
Tens of millions would be more accurate when comes to yearly visitors to the MOA. As many Minnesotans know, the country's largest mall was built where the Metropolitan Stadium, the first home of the Minnesota Twins, was located. What's even cooler is that Home Plate from the old Met sits in its original spot on the MOA floor.

Mystery Location #4:

Answer: Como Zoo
It's the home of Clover, Daisy, Skeeter, Penelope, and baby Elliot, who was born last year. You will also find other animals including zebra's, camels and buffalo living here.


Mystery Location #5:

Answer: Quarry Park
Before Quarry Park became Quarry Park, it was just the quarry. A place where young people would sneak into to go swimming and cliff jumping. People still do that but now it's legal.


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