Hey, if you're a Pink Floyd fan, you must tune in this Sunday night at 8. This week we have a very special guest. This Sunday, founding member and drummer for one of the grreatest progressive rock bands ever, Pink Floyd's Nick Mason will be the very special guest Sunday night,. Mason doesn't do a lot of interviews, so this is very special indeed.

Andrew Redington, Getty Images
Andrew Redington, Getty Images

Years ago, I was fortunate enough to be working for a radio station in Florida and we were the presenting station for a Pink Floyd concert at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. I remember it was pouring rain. The kind of rain you only get in Florida. I might mention, it was an outdoor concert. The amazing thing was that it was a sold out and most everyone showed up for the show. People were selling trash bags to be fashioned into rain smocks. A good deal for five bucks. Not sure how everyone kept their joints lit but I'm sure they figured it out. There's no one more creative than someone with pot and nothing to smoke it with.

So, Floyd fans, tune into the Loon Sunday night an 8 for Floydian Slip with special guest Nick Mason. As alway, you can also tune in online at 1037theloon.com 

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