It's times like this that we get to witness the goodness of people in this great country. Here are just a few examples of people stepping up and doing what they can.

-All over the country people have been putting back up their Christmas lights. A woman quoted her dad, who hung up his lights "The world needs this right now". This has been catching on all around the country.


-A Connecticut pizza place hs been delivering free pizzas twice a day to a local hospital. Our medical professionals have been working their butts off in a potentially dangerous environment and a little free pizza probably means a lot.

-A couple of young people in New York have gathered up some volunteers to deliver groceries and meds to the elderly and shut ins. So far, 1300 people have volunteered.

-In Sweden, an IKEAS store found a bunch of face masks (50,000) in a storeroom and donated them to a local hospital.

Trader Joe's Open New Store In Miami Area
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-Business is great at Trader Joe's and they are handing out bonuses to help their employees.

-Jameson Irish Whiskey ponied up $500,000 to the U.S. Bartenders Guild to assist bartenders in making it through this crisis.

Burger King Announces Safety Move in Play Areas
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-Free kid's meals at Burger King starting soon. To make sure kids are being fed, BK will give 2 per parent. You can order online or through their app. Free delivery will also be available.

-Scholastic.con is offering free online classes. Great idea if you are shut in during this pandemic.

It's always refreshing to see the good in people, in rough times.

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