Believe it or not, we are getting very close to "Back to School" time.  If you go into almost any retail store, you will see all of the back to school supplies ready to go.

We have been hearing so much about how teachers haven't been getting paid as much as they should to do a job that they absolutely love, and that actually is helping today's young people get ready for the world.  Get a decent job and navigate the rest of their lives.

Kohl's is doing something nice this weekend for teachers and staff.  With the idea that teachers deserve some recognition, thanks and appreciation, they are offering all teachers and staff a 20% discount on their in-store purchases from today, Friday through Sunday, July 18th.  So, one weekend only.  They will also be able to take advantage of the "Kohl's Cash" reward program too.  For every $50  spent, you will get $10 back in Kohl's cash to use at a later date.

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There are some restrictions and teachers and staff will need to present some identification to show what school they are working for.  Eligible customers include: K-12 teachers, daycare/early learning educators, post-secondary educators, and school staff.

Some other stores are offering discounts as well such as Target for teachers and students.  That discount is 15% at Target through their "circle" program.  This begins on Sunday, July 18th.  Wal Mart also offering a discount through their rewards program and app.

Whatever the way is that saving money happens, I am on board, and definitely on board with the appreciation of teachers and staff.

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