Yes, for a second year, St. Patrick's  Day celebrations are basically cancelled.  That is as far as a normal parade in St. Cloud.  But if you would still like to get your St. Patrick's Day festivities going, you can do that through the parade in St Paul.

St. Patrick's Day
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This year will be a bit different, but not like last year where it was completely cancelled.  This year, the parade will be happening.  But, not the way a normal parade does.  This year they were accepting 150 vehicles for the parade.  And right now, they are at that capacity and are no longer accepting reservations.

The St. Paul St. Patrick's parade is promising a lot of things that are traditional to the celebration.  This will include music, dancing, and Miss Shamrock and Mr. Pat.  You can also try your luck at winning $1500!

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Get this years button and you could have a chance to win a $1,500 cash prize! We are also selling Kiss Me (but actually, please don’t) I’m Irish face masks and are offering several ways to bundle when you buy.

If you would like to join in the festivities, and from a safe distance this is how you can do that... join in the Facebook Live stream that they will be hosting during the parade.  Plus, they are doing their part, and you can help with this too.  "Help march out hunger".  Donations are being taken to help out local food shelves.

If you would like some facts on this event, check out their website.

At least St. Patrick's Day is being celebrated this year... just a bit differently, as per usual for most all events in this past year.

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