Craigslist's "Missed Connections" for central Minnesota never disappoints.

Did you happen to pump gas at any time over the past few weeks? And while you were standing there in the freezing cold, you just so happen to feel like your soul mate is right across from you? Maybe you went to the grocery store and made "special eye contact" with a stranger in the isle.

Well, ever ask yourself "What if.."? What if I went and said hi to that pretty girl at the concert last week. Or I should have asked for that waiter's number! And maybe that person feels the exact same way. That is why Craigslist has come up with the "Missed Connections" thread, where people can search to see if that person is also looking for them.

Check out March's "Missed Connections". Maybe one is in there about you?

SOURCE: Craigslist

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