Anyone that knows me, would never characterize me as a "rules" kind of guy. But some make so much sense, you'd have to be a bit dense to not conform. Seat belt laws are one of those that just make sense.

Minnesota State Patrol (twitter)
Minnesota State Patrol (twitter)

I just shake my head when I see a news story about an accident where someone was thrown from the vehicle and died. Or thrown through the windshield. Deaths that most likely would have been saved had the person been wearing a seat belt.

Starting today, the Minnesota State Patrol and 300 local law enforcement agencies are doing another "Click It or Ticket" campaign through the end of the month.

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“As Minnesotans, we pride ourselves on being responsible. The 93.4 percent of front seat occupants wearing their seat belts in our state is amongst the highest in the country. But for some reason, we’re slipping back into deadly, old habits. With traffic fatalities on the rise, now is not the time to be complacent. Failing to buckle up, even one time, could lead to a lifetime of regret and heartache. A seat belt is your best defense when another driver makes a mistake. Protect yourself and protect your passengers! Drive smart and buckle up so you can come home to your loved ones at the end of the day.”

There seems to be an uptick in traffic fatalities in Minnesota involving unbelted motorists. Last year the total fatalities by November 1st was 61. This year, in the same time period, we are at 85 fatalities, according to the Minnesota Dept of Public Safety.

Deaths of unbelted drivers and passengers is the highest since 2012 with teenagers and 25 to 39 year olds making up a good part of the deaths.

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