This is one that everyone talks about every year.  There are a few of things that people always say on this issue...

Bidens Host Wounded Warriors For Early Thanksgiving Dinner
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PRO: Avoid the lines and chaos of Black Friday. If you want to get away from your family and that chaos for a bit, perfect excuse.  Might have first pick of early bird specials and deals that you wouldn't have on Friday.  If you have to work on Friday, it's a way to get out and get a jump on your holiday shopping when you can't do it on Black Friday.

CON:  People who have to work may have wanted to spend time with family.

Is there really another con?  I mean, this is a biggie, for sure. Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday, and every American is invited and encouraged to participate.  And after all- there's usually a ton of food around.  You graze all day, and watch football.  I mean, it's the American way, right?  But when you work somewhere that decides to be open on this day, what do you do?  Take volunteers and pay them double time?  That would be the right thing to do.. but really... should you be open this day?


Here is a list of businesses that are not going to be open on Thanksgiving... some are right here is St. Cloud, others are in the metro.  It's your choice if you want to shop or not.. but for the employees... not so much.,  Usually.


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