It's another Friday, which means another Lame Joke(s) with Johnny U. He swears that this was going to be the one that would launch his career!  But full disclosure, he really does say that every week.  So far, that hasn't happened.


But, we keep giving him a chance to show his humor talent.  Or something...

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This morning  we had the first joke which was short and sweet.  Main theme-  how to have a successful long marriage.  You might guess why that one  was so short.  HA!  I'm kidding...  kind of.

The second joke was a bit... let's say a LOT longer.  It was a 2 pager (he always has his jokes written down). This one dealt with a dude who was having some issues.  But after that issue was "solved" he went to go buy a new suit, and that's where this story gets strange.

Check it out...

See what I mean?  He was so sure this was going to be "the one".  Not sure it was, but it was mildly entertaining and humorous.  There happened to be even a "courtesy" chuckle.  I will at least give him props for telling the jokes in an entertaining way... like I think that he's a decent joke teller... it's just that the jokes themselves leave a bit to be desired.

So, I feel like maybe he's got the hard part down.  He just needs to work on his material. Not everyone is a good joke teller.  (I'm trying to find the positives in this thing, ok).

Until next week... laugh much....just probably not at these jokes.

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