Living away from the area for about 10 years means that I've missed a lot.  There are things that were there, that aren't anymore, new roads, new buildings, businesses and cool free events... like Summertime By George.

Family Fun Fest Lake George

I have heard about it plenty... I've even seen a bunch of people posting about it, how fun it is, and what they normally plan to do every Wednesday evening.  I've always felt like hey... that's pretty cool!  Now that we are living back here again, time to take advantage and start taking my own pictures and enjoying the music myself.

The line up looks great! Looking forward to the kickoff on the 13th that is the Johnny Holm Band.  I see many others that I can't wait to see... Tom Petty tribute, Justin Ploof, Matt Vee, Fred Savage and the Unbeatables, that's just to name a few.   When you see the lineup, you're going to want to make plans too!

Plus, there are a ton of other things to see, buy and experience.

See ya there, and bring a chair!

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