Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett was the driving force behind Pink Floyd's debut album, 'The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn' but as a solo artist he recorded more albums than he did as Floyd's lead guitarist, lead vocalist and primary songwriter.

The Syd Barrett story is a sad one as his solo career maybe lasted a just a couple years as it sputtered to an end for the same reasons he was yanked from the Pink Floyd lineup: his behavior.

His demeanor was erratic and unpredictable and his musical talent went down hill for the most part due to heavy drug use. On a good note, regardless of his behavior and departure his former band mates were by his side to help nourish his solo career.

Although the solo career was never really a commercial success, he had a stronghold of fans that understood his troubles as he left the music world and went back to his childhood home in Cambridge, England to spend the rest of his life as a recluse til his death in 2006.

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Attached is the video for the song, "Gnome" performed on BBC Radio from the album 'Piper At The Gates Of Dawn"