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Peel Sessions,YouTube

The 'Peel Sessions' was actually recorded soon after 'The Madcap Laughs' in 1970. These sessions were performances to air on BBC's, 'Top Gear Show' hosted by John Peel.The original Peel Session track list only had five songs on it and among them was from the just-released debut album. A lot of these albums were close knit as two more appeared on the second album.

The Peel Session track List:

  • "Terrapin"
  • "Gigolo Aunt"
  • "Baby Lemonade"
  • "Effervescing Elephant"
  • "Two Of A Kind"

The song, "Two of a Kind" listed Richard Wright (keyboardist) as the initial writer but later pressings (producing vinyl) list writing credit to Syd.

Similar to the album, 'Barrett', David Gilmour played bass and Jerry Shirley handled the percussion. The Peel Session production was released on LP, Cassette and CD but sadly enough is out of print, it is a collector's item ($$$).

In closing Syd Barrett was a one of a kind as an artist, a very unique style, mentally unstable but sometimes that make-up alone make the best in art.

There was a 2004 reissue that is titled, The Radio One Sessions (in addition to The Peel Sessions) that had three additional track, "Baby Lemonade",Dominoes" and "Love Song" releases from a BBC Show hosted by Bob Harris. The releases were "bootlegs" that were recorded off air.

Attached is two video's one being the  song,"Two Of A Kind" and "Effervescing Elephant" as recorded from The Peel Sessions.