daylight savings time

Spring Forward: Daylight Savings Time Begins This Weekend
If the warmer temperatures aren't enough to convince you that Spring is near, maybe the start of Daylight Savings Time will help convince you. It officially starts at 2 AM this Sunday morning; so either before you go to bed Saturday night, or first thing Sunday morning -- roll your clocks ahead…
Daylight Savings Time Begins Sunday
I think Mother Nature's serving of the bitter cold recently has set me up to be caught off guard a bit -- sneaking Daylight Savings Time in on me this weekend. Either before you go to be tonight, or first thing when you get up tomorrow morning, you'll need to turn your clocks ahead one hou…
Fall Back: Daylight Savings Time Ends Tonight
A reminder from your friends here at The Loon. Either before you go to bed tonight, or first thing when you get up Sunday morning; crank your clocks back one hour. The change officially happens at 2am overnight tonight. And hey, enjoy your extra hour of sleep.