Daylight Savings Time is being crammed down our throats on Sunday. Many semi-trustworthy internet sources has confirmed that, yes, this is bullsh*t.

Ok, no need to go THAT extreme... (Getty Images)

Also, clocks move ahead one hour. We lose an hour. A full hour of precious sleep.


If you're like me (and if you are, I'm sorry), Daylight Savings Time changes suck. So I looked up some tips on surviving this bi-annual abomination.


Say "NO" To Extra Caffeine: Less sleep = more coffee, right? WRONG (according to the "experts"). Don't consume more coffee than usual, and stop drinking coffee at least six hours before bedtime.

Go ahead. Take the coffee away. I dare you.   (Getty Images)


Have a Dry Saturday: Don't get blackout drunk Saturday night. Alcohol messes with your sleep cycle.

You know you won't remember the good parts anyway...   (Getty Images)


Make Your Bed...a Sanctuary: Don't just flop some sheets and a blanket onto a mattress; make it an oasis. Make your bed a place to look forward to going, then go to there. Just set an alarm if you have to wake up early on Sunday.

It's...bed time. Get it? BED. TIME. Get it?! GET IT?!?! (Getty Images)


Stay on a Schedule: You'll want to sleep in after losing an hour, but don't. Try staying on your usual schedule. Although pretending that I didn't lose an hour of precious, precious sleep isn't among my talents.

My main talent is taking bad selfies.

H/T: Huffington Post