It's conveniently 'World Napping Day', the day after daylight saving time. Even though you're extra tired today, you may want to think twice about sneaking in a nap at these places around St. Cloud!

I could have focused on places to sleep around the St. Cloud area, but that's too easy. Unfortunately it's inconvenient to drive home for a 20 minute power nap for most, or getting a hotel room for such a short amount of time (plus the significant other might get suspicious). Because of this, we may want to try to find an inconspicuous location to grab a few zzz's that seem convenient at the time, but really are not the best idea.

At your desk at work

Even though you may have an office with a door, this is never a good idea. Unless you're the boss, it just looks bad to your employer to see you sleeping while at work. Even though you may not be on company time, a lot of people may not realize this and it'll just make you look lazy and careless about your job.

In your car in the work parking lot

Even though a ton of people do this, it's not the best idea. For one thing, it's cold outside and difficult to sleep right away. Also, because it's cold, you're likely running your vehicle and chancing getting poisoned by carbon monoxide from your exhaust! On top of that, if your boss sees you, they may think you don't care enough about your job to prepare the night before by getting enough sleep.

At the Salvation Army Emergency Homeless Shelter

As much as this might be enticing, it's morally just wrong. You have a car and a place to live -- where the others that need shelter there don't have those things going for them. On top of that, they are an emergency shelter overnight so unless you plan on sneaking into their cot storage room, you won't find a place to sleep mid-day.

On a Metro Transit bus headed to nowhere

It might sound like a brilliant plan, to sleep on a heated bus that drives around for 30 minutes and comes back around to where it picked you up...but it's just the opposite. Not that St. Cloud is full of shady people, but you never know who'll take advantage of a person sleeping on the bus. Another thing is the bus driver will think you're homeless and will kick you off the bus at whatever stop they feel like. It you're on the other side of town when that happens, good luck getting back to work on time!

At the Great River Regional Library

Even though I could fall asleep any time I'm in a library, this may not be appreciated. It would seem like the perfect place for a quick snooze -- it's very quiet with all kinds of places to sit and relax, and not a ton of people during the day. Nope, don't even think about it. You can put on sunglasses all you want, while pretending to read today's newspaper, but they'll spot you quickly and boot you out. Although, when you think about it, they could install sleeping pods and make a ton of $$ letting people sleep there.

Death by Taxes

With this enticing sounding "World Napping Day" happening in the winter in Minnesota, we don't have a lot of options unfortunately. If it was summer we could easily pull up to a park along the Mississippi River and crack the window and have a happy cat-nap. Maybe taking a vacation day today would have just been the easiest solution...


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