When things like this happen you have to ask yourself...how did this get through so many people and still make it out the door onto the selling floor?

Target app
Target app

This is ridiculous.  And honestly, Oreos are really my favorite cookie...at least regarding cookies that are store-bought.  These are chocolate covered Oreos.  They are holiday themed.  And my goodness.  We see Santa, and we see a snowman.  But what Santa is wearing on his "feet" is where we get a bit skewed.  That cookie was supposed to show Santa's boots.  But my gosh, they really look like a part of a male anatomy that really shouldn't be on a cookie...at least not one from Target.  You would think this cookie would be part of a bachelorette party, or something of the like.

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And here's the thing... is someone trying to be funny?  I mean, I get that there could be a mistake. Like someone being "innocent" and not realizing at first that their design looks like something that it isn't. But how in the world does this thing make it out into wide distribution?  Target headquarters is in Minnesota... so I guess we have people in our own state to blame...and this thing is all over the place!

The New York Post did an article on it...and as far as we know, as of now, it's still for sale.  Pick up a "package" if you'd like. You better hurry, because my guess is that they won't be available for long.  Good grief, someone's fired.

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