Ted Nugent's drummer "Wild" Mick Brown got his nickname for a reason and now he's in jail because of it and it's a pretty funny story.

It's true, bad decisions make great stories.

Mick Brown was arrested after a show in Bangor, Maine Sunday for stealing a golf cart and going on a joyride. Now, golf carts are pretty fun to cruise around on, but it's what he did with the golf cart that got him in trouble and, by the way, they were no where near a golf course. It was a small golf cart that the venue staff uses to get around quickly backstage.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Mick used the golf cart to pick up some chicks and by now, security is aware of the situation, so they're running after him. So, by the time officers did catch up to him, he was having a good time and he pushed the officers out of the way and that's when it got serious.

Police had to drag him out of the cart to place him under arrest. He was booked and charged with driving under the influence (WHAT?! He was drunk?! NO WAY!), endangerment because of his two "hostages" (although I'm sure they were having fun, too) and assault for shoving the cops.

Mick is 55, so he's old enough to know better, but at least he knows how to have a good time.