Generally Minnesotans are proud to make national news headlines, but this couple just ticked off citizens of our beloved state. To make it worse, they had to throw race in the mix.

Katie Mager of Apple Valley and Ryan Reiersgaard of Burnsville were visiting Chicago and claimed they were robbed at knife-point, by 3 black men, and even claimed one of them "looked like fat Albert".

They claimed $22,000 worth of valuables and cash were stolen from their possession, including a $12K engagement ring, $5K cash, a $3K Louis Vuitton suitcase, a $2K MacBook Air laptop and a $150 iPad.

When the police search airport security tapes, they found no proof that they had any of those possessions in their baggage. The couple finally admitted they made it up and just wanted to "have some fun".

They were quickly charged with disorderly conduct for falsely reporting a crime, which is a felony.

The host in this video is spot on with his opinion of these people, and well worth the watch.

For anybody reading this that lives out of state. We work hard at deporting people like this out of our state. We're asking any other state to please adopt these losers so our tax dollars don't have to deal with this kind of trash any longer.

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