I guess you can't blame them for trying but after several complaints from Faribault citizens, cops confiscated 22 marijuana plants from the vendor.

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According to fox9.com, officers on the scene outside Total Tobacco in Faribault and deemed the sale of the plants violated the Minnesota's new recreational marijuana laws. Although the suspect plants were taken by police, there were no arrests.

"You can’t set up a tent sale in front of a retail business and sell cannabis plants – not yet anyway," said Faribault Police Chief John Sherwin. "The Faribault Police Department is committed to supporting businesses engaged in the legal sale of cannabis and cannabis-related products once the Minnesota Office of Cannabis Management is established, Until that time, unauthorized sales of cannabis will be investigated in accordance with state law."

In the video, officers can be heard calling the police chief for instructions on how to handle the situation.  "Alright, we’re just going to seize the plants and bring them to the station, per the chief’s orders," an officer can be heard saying.

Evidently, no sales of cannabis will have to wait.  "Sales of hemp and cannabis are treated differently under the law. MDA has the authority to regulate hemp cultivation and processing," a statement said. "Once fully operational, the Office of Cannabis Management will be responsible for regulating the legal adult-use cannabis market in Minnesota. Until then, no retail sales are legal (unless conducted by tribes on tribal land) until businesses are licensed by the Office of Cannabis Management."

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