Hemp derived THC bill for food and drink was passed by Minnesota legislation a couple of weeks ago.  Will it stick?  That part seems a bit up in the air as it seems that not everyone knew what they were passing.  In my opinion that seems like it's the responsibility to read and understand the bill before voting and passing it.  So, personally I think/hope the bill remains.

Anyway, because this was passed, breweries in Minnesota are developing non-alcoholic beverages that do contain some THC.  There is one brewery in particular, INDEED located in Northeast Minneapolis, has a seltzer of this type ready to go next month.

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From Bring Me the News: 

The non-alcoholic THC seltzer Indeed has in the works is called Two Good. The flavor profile will be lavender and lemon and it's expected to be available Aug. 1.

This isn't the first time Indeed has attempted to launch a THC seltzer.  In 2018 they launched a drink called Lull. This was THC infused, and for the short time it was available, seemed to be popular.  But shortly after that, they had to pull the drink due to the laws in Minnesota making it illegal.  So, with this new legislation passed, they are trying it again.

Will it stick this time?  That's still unclear.  Seems that some members of the GOP didn't understand the bill completely.

Stay tuned... until that time, starting on August 1, check out this new seltzer called "Two Good".  I'm hoping I will have the opportunity to try it.

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