Democratic Senator, Ron Wyden of Oregon has introduced a bill to federally legalize marijuana and regulate it like alcohol and tobacco. The bill aims to responsibly legalize, tax and regulate cannabis at a federal level.

This would be an especially good thing for pot shops in states that have already legalized marijuana. Once the federal ban is lifted these businesses would be able to use the banking system in their business. Since banks are federally regulated and insured, businesses selling marijuana are not allowed to use banks.  Cannabis businesses would also be allowed to claim the same federal tax deductions as any other business.


“The federal prohibition of marijuana is wrong, plain and simple. Too many lives have been wasted, and too many economic opportunities have been missed,” Wyden said. “It’s time Congress make the changes Oregonians and Americans across the country are demanding.”

The majority of voters across the country are in favor of the legalization and it's time for Congress to step up and represent what the people want.

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