Before music became my passion and I started playing guitar, I initially wanted to go into film making. Not that I needed to work on blockbuster films or anything, but I always really thought it would be really cool to just make films independently.

Some of my favorite motion pictures of all time are low budget, independent projects. When I moved to Minnesota a couple of years ago I even heavily considered going back to school for film making. I decided against it (and wound up in radio instead – which is way cooler anyway) but I still have a deep love for the independent film scene.

If you happen to be a film maker yourself, or just enjoy the scene like I do, you should check out the 9th Annual St. Cloud Film Festival. It's taking place at three different venues -  The Black Box Theatre, The Brick House in Foley, and SCSU Miller Center Auditorium.

The celebration will span 9 days between November 2nd and 10th and will showcase over 90 films from all around the world. It's pretty affordable to attend. Single show tickets are only $5 at the door.

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