Beware, there's a mouse species in Sartell recently that apparently doesn't poop, and it's driving homes crazy in the night.

How does a family know they have a mouse/mice? Other than seeing chewing you look for the sure thing - little black rice-like turds all over the place. Mice poop a ton and generally can't hide their existence because of this...until now apparently.

I haven't polled my neighbors yet, mostly because I don't want them thinking we have a mouse problem. There's no way that we're the only house that experienced this recently, but if the community doesn't come together to stop this species, they will need to build a mental hospital in Sartell!

For a couple nights my wife has woken up to sounds of silverware jingling in the sink and on the counter. She said she thought we might have a mouse, but we never saw any mouse turds anywhere, so she must be just hearing things, right? Of course she's thinking that if it isn't a mouse then what the heck IS in our house?

Last night I decided to set a mousetrap to prove that there is no such thing as a poopless mouse and she was just hearing things. Well, this morning I found the little varmint, dead in the trap, and still no poop anywhere to be found. Generally when there's 1 there's more. I'll be putting another trap up tonight to see if there's more of these fecal-free rodents in the house.

Beware Sartell, this is a whole new threat to our city! The poopless invisible mouse is coming after you next!

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