The world is essentially made up of two separate camps: those that are aghast that I have no idea who "Snooki" is, and those who are similarily ignorant.

"She's short and she's got the dark hair and curves", friends will tell me. "You'd go for her!"

That is a valid argument, but I'll stick with Kim Kardashian and Grace Park for my fantasy fulfillment, thank you very much.

Anyway, I guess Snooki spoke at Rutgers University in New Jersey and for some reason or another, some folks were unhappy about it.

Now said folks are launching a petition, and if they are in fact students there is hope for America.

"College Ave. Freeze Out: Let's Bring The Boss To Rutgers!," is a Facebook campaign being put forth in an effort to bring Bruce Springsteen to the school as a guest lecturer.

Again, Snooki could be elected president or fall off the face of the earth and either would be ok with me, but apparently some of the Rutgers student body aren't bursting with pride over the school landing her.

On the FB page they state:

"It has been a tumultuous year for Rutgers. We have been constantly and incessantly misrepresented on the national stage, and this reflects on the student population.

We need to prove that Rutgers University in and of itself is worthy of a high profile appearance without the enticement of a monetary payment; someone to come and represent the greater population of real, intelligent young men and women that are the diverse students ...of Rutgers University.

Bruce Springsteen embodies the honest, working individual of which our state and our university are comprised. His music communicates lyrics that transcend societal bounds, much like our student population. Join us in bringing The Boss to Rutgers and help represent the true population of our university on the banks of the old Raritan!

Our goal is to show The Boss, through our power in numbers and not financial incentive, that Rutgers University is worthy of his time. Invite your friends and every Scarlet Knight you know!

Within one week we have garnered the support of thousands of students, and the momentum continues to grow! The voices of over 4,500 Rutgers students have come together to prove we are capable of achieving something hugely positive.

Join us, Bruce! Lay down a riff on our own Thunder Road, College Ave, and let’s show our state and country the true Rutgers University!"

The president of Rutgers stated recently that it is in fact the students who ultimately choose guest speakers.
He all but said, regarding Snooki, trust me, we tried to talk them out of it.

I'm not sure which way Bruce will go on this but it's good to know at least someone else would rather see him than Snooki.