Why anyone would want to propose to someone, or be proposed to, in front of 35,000 people is beyond me?  Unless your idea of romance is a jock strap and chew spit I would consider another option.  

Not only is that not romantic but it's also so fricking cliche.  But if you and your fiance are some crazy baseball fans and just must propose this way then more power to ya I guess. Just know that I'll be hoping the proposal goes wrong though, just for a little excitement.  Maybe he/she will say no or maybe you'll be eating a hot dog and have ketchup all over your face when it's on the jumbo-tron - that would make me giggle a bit.

If you must do it though here is the list of stadiums around the country and the cost to propose at each one.  Lucky for you Minnesotans it's not gonna set ya back too much to do it at Target Field.

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Image Courtesy of Swimmingly.com