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Bring back the edgy sound and that's just what The Doors did. 'Morrison Hotel' released in February 1970 featured John Sebastian (Lovin' Spoonful) used the pseudonym G.Puglese and played harmonica on "Roadhouse Blues". The album also featured blues guitar specialist Lonnie Mack on bass.

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A unique album to say the least, it had two titles, on side one it was titled 'Hard Rock Cafe' ( inspiring the restaurant chain with the same name) and side 2 was titled, 'Morrison Hotel' (the album is known more by this title).

When 'Morrison Hotel' was released critics were once again happy due to the edgy sound as the first three Doors albums, in fact; a lot of critics mentioned this as the best Doors album to date. Once you listen to this album you may notice more rock and less poetry in songs like "Roadhouse Blues" and "Blue Sunday."

Original LP Track List:

Side 1 'Hard Rock Cafe'

  1. "Roadhouse Blues"
  2. "Waiting For The Sun"
  3. "You Make Me Real"
  4. "Peace Frog"
  5. "Blue Sunday"
  6. "Ship Of Fools"

Side 2 'Morrison Hotel'

  1. "Land Ho!"
  2. "The Spy"
  3. "Queen of The Highway"
  4. "Indian Summer"
  5. "Maggie M'Gill"

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The Doors performing, "Roadhouse Blues" live and absorb the craziness of the whole performance: