Well, well.  When you get to work and you haven't had a chance to eat any breakfast and it's like 5:30am what do you do?  Head to the vending machine.  There are few choices that are actually healthy, but many that look really good.  So, what do you do?  How about Pop Tarts?  They smell like pie when they are heated up, and they are breakfast food, right?  Well, yes, but the best choice?  Probably not.  And the ones that we have are the frosted strawberry ones.  I'm thinking NOT GOOD... way more calories than the unfrosted ones.  WRONG!

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw 1037theloon.com
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

Kellogg's has explained why the frosted pop tarts actually have less calories than the unfrosted ones.  It's weird.  The crust actually has the most calories, and when it's not frosted, they build up the crust a bit.  Who knew??

So, the next time you are at the vending machine (happens to me almost on the daily) and you think you shouldn't have the Pop Tarts because there are only the frost ones.  Feel free- they have less calories!

Full disclosure:  there is probably something better than that in there... try a granola bar or something, maybe.  Or bring some NORMAL food!

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