There seems to be a conspiracy theory, floating around the country for years, that Chuck E. Cheese is recycling pizza. The claim is that they take uneaten pieces of pizza back to the kitchen and piece together a Frankenstein type pizza and serve it.

What makes some think this? Well it boils down to how the pizzas are shaped.  They aren't perfect circles like most pizzas are. They have slices that are all different lengths. a lot of times the cuts don't even go straight across. Sometimes even the pepperoni is missing from a slice.


YouTube star, Shane Dawson recently went to Chuck E Cheese to debunk the conspiracy but instead his experience made him believe the conspiracy even more. He took video of his whole Chuck E Cheese experience. Shane ordered 3 pizzas and the really do appear that they were all pieced together.

Chuck E Cheese denies the conspiracy theory and the finding of Shane Dawson and his video. A spokesperson says "The claims made in this video are unequivocally false". "We prepare our pizzas fresh in the restaurant, which means they're not always in uniform shape".

Video contains some profanity. View at your own risk

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