The two part documentary of The Eagles aired on  Showtime in hopes that fans will get the understanding that being in a rock band is no cup of tea in 'The History of The Eagles'

Don Henley,

In the most recent issue of Rolling Stone Don Henley states," It's wonderful just to be very childlike and skip through the daisies and write your little songs and play your little guitar, but it's a hardass business. It's nasty, It's dishonest."

Once the backing crew to Linda Ronstadt, their rise became enormous and they never looked back.


The documentary will educate you on topics like:

  • Bob Seger's teenage protege' was Glen Frey - Glen was playing guitar in local bands of the Detroit area when he was noticed by Bob Seger and was asked to play guitar on Seger's first national hit, "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man." Bob liked what he heard so much he asked Glen to join the band, but his mom say no. Glen was 19 at the time.
  • Never get under Don Henley's skin - An artist with so much success yet bitter from feuds with fired guitarist Don Felder and David Geffen (Geffen Records). 'He's an incredible singer but by nature he's a malcontent", David Geffen.
  • The importance of the forgotten members - The former Flying Burrito Brother guitarist Bernie Leadon who was instrumental in the development of the country-rock sound for the band. He co-wrote "Witchy Woman". Bernie left the band in 1975. Guitarist Don Felder who wrote the music for "Hotel California" was fired in 2001and Randy Meisner who sang lead on "Take it to the Limit" hated the spotlight and feared  the high notes in the song, many a time tried to get out of performing the song.
  • The Bahamas and jail - All but Henley carried drugs on the trip including Irving Arzoff (manager) who had like 30 valium tablets, Frey said, " I had four joints stuffed in a baggie in my sock." They were detained by custom agents until Azoff puled one of the agents aside, mumbled something in his ear and they were released. Frey said, " That was the day I decided that Irving Azoff was the greatest manager in rock-n-roll."
  • The first album cover -  An expedition in The Joshua Tree National Park was the photo for the album (Henry Diltz and Gary Burden photographers). According to Frey they all had a bag of Peyote buttons, some tequila, trial mix, water and blankets. They arrived at the park around 4:30 a.m., took a button and started hiking.
  • What does "Hotel California" mean? - We may never know but Henley said about the song," My simple explanation is that it's a song about a journey from innocence to experience, that's all."

Attached is the trailer of the story of an American band: The Eagles.