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Richie launched his own record label, post Woodstock named Stormy Forest and 'Stonehenge' would be the first of five albums released on that label.

'Stonehenge' LP, YouTube

More than half the songs on 'Stonehenge' were either written or co-written by Richie. The end of the 60's the appeal of music was drastically changing and Richie had to adapt to the the change and did with songs like, "Shouldn't All the World be Dancing?" and "There's A Hole In the Future."

When listening to this album one might recognize the background vocals, they're all Richie. He overdubbed all the harmonies on 'Stonehenge' himself.

'Stonehenge' CD Track List:

  • "Open Our Eyes"
  • "Minstrel From Gault"
  • "It Could Be The First Day"
  • "Ring Around the Moon"
  • It's All Over Now, Baby Blue"
  • "There's A Hole In my Pocket"
  • "I Started A Joke"
  • "Prayer"
  • "Tiny Little Blues"
  • "Shouldn't All the World Be Dancing"

Richie performing"Prayer" Audio only (written by Haven's):


'Stonehenge' is available on CD, LP and MP3.

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