As heard on the December 11th show:


1.  Lucy Pooped Her Pants

The flu has been extremely nasty this season and Lucy would know.  She's been out sick battling it all week.  Sounds like it got the best of her at least once.  Due to "technical difficulties", this audio has been lost forever, but we imagine it went something like this...




2. TIME Magazine's Person of the Year

And the Person of the Year is... Kim K's a$$!  Kidding.  The honor went to the brave men and women who have been risking their lives fighting Ebola.  The magazine published five covers featuring different Ebola fighters.  Runner up?  Ferguson Protesters.  Who would you have nominated for Person of the Year?






3. Instagram is Better Than Twitter

It's official, we love looking at pictures.  Instagram, the photo-sharing app says it now has more than 300 million monthly active users which places it ahead of Twitter which has 284 million active users.  Instagram is also starting to introduce "verified badges' for celebs and brands and they're cutting down on spammy accounts.






4. How Americans Celebrate Christmas

What traditions did you have as a kid that you still practice during your holidays today?  The Pew Research Center did a survey to crack the case on this.  They even put together a nice little graphic that you can check out at the source link below.






5.  Winter Nights & Lights Parade

Linda, Melissa and Peggy stopped by the Loon studios today to fill us in on a fun holiday weekend that's planned for the St. Cloud community.  Don't miss out on all the festive activities of this year's Storybook Holiday Weekend and the Winter Nights & Lights Parade.



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6. White Barbie Costs Less Than Black Barbie

In what is being chocked up to a mistake, Target had a black Barbie priced almost twice as much as a white Barbie on their website.  Both dolls had identical outfits and accessories.  The only difference was the color of the dolls skin.  Target has since corrected the error by pricing both dolls at the higher price point.  Why not the lower one?  Come on Target!  Give us a break!