As heard on the November 20th show:


1. What is Jesse Sick With?

We took to WebMD to try and diagnose Jesse's  tummy issues.  Why is it that every time you run things through the symptom checker it tells you that it's probably cancer?


WebMD Symptom Checker



2. People Need to Get Over Breastfeeding

It's a natural part of life.  In fact, many of us made it through our first year of life being fed through breastfeeding, so when will people get over their need to express how uncomfortable they are with seeing women do it?  If you can't handle women doing this, then close your windows and stay indoors, because you are an ass hat.





3. Grandma's Smoke Weed for the First Time

This video is getting some serious attention.  It was just uploaded yesterday and already has over 5 million views.  Three grandmas who have never smoked pot give it a try for the first time on film in Washington where it's legal.  The grandma on the left is hilarious.  "Do it like you mean it."  LOL




 4. Emotional IQ Predicts How Much You'll Make at Work

How are you at reading people's emotions?  Can you tell  when someone is angry or frustrated with you just by looking at their face?  The better you are at reading people's emotions, the better potential you have to make money in the workplace.  Take the test and see how you fare.


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5. The Worst Time to Travel for Thanksgiving

Google used the data from 21 cities across the U.S. to determine the best and worst days to travel around turkey day.  When should you leave to travel over the hills and far away?  What time and day should you return home to beat the rush?  Check out the source below to see the full graphic and safe holiday travels to you!




6. Lucy's Awkward Dance Moves

Lucy told us that she dances like Elaine from Seinfeld so we asked to to record some of it so we could be the judge.  Do you think she has a future on Dancing With the Stars?