As heard on the October 28th show:


1. One Man's Ebola Inspired Halloween House

A man in Dallas has put all of his Halloween eggs in one basket, the Ebola basket.  Not only will he be wearing the full-body hazmat suit that we've been hearing so much about, but he also decked out his home to look like a full on quarantined area.  Has he gone too far?





2. The Great Pumpkin Carve-Off

Jesse and Lucy went head-to-head in a pumpkin carving contest.  Whose pumpkin will reign supreme?  Only you decide.  VOTE HERE




3. Burglars Butt-Dial 911 and Confess to Crime

It is possible the criminals are getting dumber.  Either that or smartphones are getting smarter.  Two burglars accidentally butt-dialed 911 while driving away from the scene of the crime and during the call ended up confessing to the crime.






 4. Football Outcomes

Lucy Black / Townsquare Media