As heard on the September 30th show:


1. Woman Shat on By Big Old Jet Airliner

A New Zealand woman says her property was covered in excrement from a passing plane. That'll make for a crappy day.





2. The Good2Go App

That's all you need is a record (available to the government) of all those one-night-stands.





3. Diaper Smugglers

Who knew there was a black market for this?





4. Lay's Cappuccino & Pumpkin Spice Oreo Taste Test




5. Good Tip for Bad Service

Have you ever left a good tip for a server who you could clearly tell was trying his best, but in over his head?  One couple shared their receipt on Facebook after leaving a $100 tip.  Ends up that Dave-O used to go to high school with this girl and he's not a fan.





6. Deer-capitated Roller Coaster Ride

Theme park thrill-seekers were left covered in blood.  Poor Bambi.





7. Football Pick Outcomes

Jesse gets 3-for-3 this week and Dave-O trails after ditching the home team for a stupid bird.


Lucy Black / Townsquare Media