When they first heard that the Vikings schedule was out, I got excited for about a second. Then I immediately thought, is football going to even start on time. Which in and of itself is a negative thought, but then it got worse because right after that I thought, will we have any football to watch?

I'm trying not to be negative. I swear, but when we've seen so many sports either stop their seasons or have to delay the start of them, it's hard not to go to that negative place. I'm pretty sure football is going to happen no matter what, even if nobody's at the game to watch it because there's a lot of television revenue to be had.

So let's just assume that everything's going to start on time, and let's take a look at the Vikings schedule for 2020.

At first glance, it does not look that bad. We start with the Packers at home, and the next time we play them, it's on November 1, so it's not going to be that cold out. The Bears road game is November 16, and while that could be a little colder, it's still a decent time to play as far as outdoor games go in the NFC North. There are no real cold weather games this year, which bodes well for the Purple & Gold.

Then I noticed we play the Seahawks -- at Seattle -- again. I think that's like five times over the last seven regular-season matchups. And speaking of playing somewhere again, the Vikings make what seems like a regular visit to New Orleans to take on the Saints Week 16. The cool thing about that game is it's on Christmas day.

We then end the season playing the Lions in Detroit. That's a lot better than ending the season in Chicago like we had for the last couple of years. Plus, by then, the Lions are usually out of it and have given up. When I saw, we had the Tampa Bay Bucs, and at first, I brushed it off but quickly remembered that Tom Brady plays for them now, so that made that game a little more interesting.

I also noticed, barring any flex scheduling, the Vikings only have one Monday night and one Sunday night game. Overall, I don't think it's too bad of a schedule for the Vikings. I could be a lot worse. Don't get me wrong there are some tough games on here at Seattle at home against Tennessee Dallas at home there's that Saints game.

From what I see, I'm going to say the Vikings finish 10 - 6 (maybe 11-5). We'll see how the season goes, given everything going on. It's undoubtedly going to be interesting. Skol Vikings!

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Minnesota Vikings 2020 Schedule

  • WEEK 1:  Sunday 9/13 - Green Bay at Minnesota (12pm) W
  • WEEK 2:  Sunday 9/20 - Minnesota at Indianapolis (12pm) L
  • WEEK 3:  Sunday 9/27 - Tennessee at Minnesota (12pm) W
  • WEEK 4:  Sunday 10/4 - Minnesota at Houston (12pm) W
  • WEEK 5:  Sunday 10/11 - Minnesota at Seattle (7:20 pm) L
  • WEEK 6:  Sunday 10/18 - Atlanta at Minnesota (12pm) W
  • WEEK 7:  Bye
  • WEEK 8:  Sunday 11/1 - Minnesota at Green Bay (12pm) L
  • WEEK 9:  Sunday 11/8 - Detroit at Minnesota (12pm) W
  • WEEK 10:  Monday 11/16 - Minnesota at Chicago (7:15 pm) L
  • WEEK 11:  Sunday 11/22 - Dallas at Minnesota (3:25 pm) W
  • WEEK 12:  Sunday 11/29 - Carolina at Minnesota (12pm) W
  • WEEK 13:  Sunday 12/6 - Jacksonville at Minnesota (12pm) W
  • WEEK 14:  Sunday 12/13 - Minnesota at Tampa Bay (12pm) L
  • WEEK 15:  Sunday 12/20 - Chicago at Minnesota (12pm) W
  • WEEK 16:  Friday 12/25 - Minnesota at New Orleans (3:30 pm) L
  • WEEK 17:  Sunday 1/3 - Minnesota at Detroit (12pm) W

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