Halloween is perhaps my favorite time of year. The weather is just right and it reminds me of the magic of being a kid and dressing up (which I still do by the way, don’t judge. I know how to have fun.)

But aside from stuffing my face with candy and dressing up in Jedi garb, my favorite part of Halloween is all the great films that are associated with it. As a younger lad I was an enormous fan of horror films.

There was something thrilling and exciting about them. Though it’s been a while since I’ve been legitimately frightened by a scary movie, I’m still rather fond of them. Of course, people are searching for horror films online like crazy this time of year to get into the Halloween spirit.

So, what exactly is the most popular horror film in Minnesota? According to search engines the most popular scary movie in the state is “Psycho.” Not a bad choice Minnesotans! It’s definitely a solid film. Long before Christian Bale was the Caped Crusader he was a rather mentally ill character.

Personally, I was a little disappointed that our favorite horror film wasn't "Behind The Mask." It's not a particularly popular film by any means, but it is my personal favorite. Although it's more of a mockumentary an actual horror film. Still, it's a classic in my book.

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