I realize it exists under the guise of progress but I find myself constantly annoyed with the lady on speaker.

"Unauthorized item in bagging area", "Please notify cashier", etc. You know the drill. It's never an unauthorized item in the bagging area. It's just that lady trying my last nerve.

It's not just her, either. That GPS lady is also out to get me. I can't count the time she has tried to steer me in the wrong direction. I also am pretty sure she's on the take from the toll road business. I was driving in Southern California lately and GPS lady kept trying to steer me onto toll roads. Yeah, she's on the take.


Anyway, getting back to self checkout, I fear that someday that is all there will be. No real live human checkout people working in the stores, anymore.

I suppose I can get used to it but I just wish I could get through one transaction without swearing, that's all.

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