By now, you should be pretty used to me posting about “Star Wars” on a semi-regular basis. I try to spice it up here and there with other topics, but it’s pretty hard to let an entire month go by without publicly acknowledging the greatest space odyssey of all time. So, let’s get down to business.

Recently, it was announced that "The Skywalker Saga" box set will be released next month. It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. All 9 Skywalker focused Star Wars films (obviously, excluding Solo, and Rogue One) will be included.

The box set will come complete with booklets of concept art. It's speculated that 27 disks will include: 9 DVDS, 9 Blu-rays, and and 9 disks of bonus content. Best buy has it listed at roughly $250. If you're a collector, this might be a good buy, but personally I think paying $7 a month for Disney+ is a smarter option because you get ALL of the Star Wars films and the Mandalorion too.

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