Think back on the life you have led so far. All the great and not so great experiences. Lost opportunities, great friends and family. All the travels and parties, lovers that you'll never forget.


So many variables in life. It has occurred to me to write my biography. I would certainly have to use a pen name or wait for certain people to die.

Looking back at my life, I think a appropriate title for my life story would be "I'm Sorry, I Wasn't Paying Attention" would pretty much sum in up.

The chapter titles would be fun. The relationship chapter could be titled something like "Looking for Miss Right and/or Miss Right Now".  My employment chapter could be titled "I Don't Feel Tardy" and my childhood as a middle child chapter could be titled "Is My Name Really, That Other Kid?"

Think back over your life and come up with what a good title would be for your own biography.

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