I've been a Minnesota Vikings fan for as long as I can remember. I've seen them lose many games and I've seen them win some great ones. I've seen them lose Superbowls and sat on the edge of my chair during many playoff games. But what I saw yesterday against the Packers, was one of the worst things I've seen from my Vikings. Some games, I'd just as soon be having a root canal.

I think we all can agree that the defense was a disaster the first quarter yesterday.  I almost gave up on the game. But in true Viking style, the defense stood up and held the packers to zero points in the last three quarters. Pretty impressive, right?


So, down 5 pts with just a few minutes of regualtion play, the Vikes march down the field, after a couple of unfortunate setbacks, and are poised to claim victory.

It's first and goal from the 8 yardline, so it's only logical to think we have 4 downs to score a touchdown. But for some unknown reason Cousins chose to just throw a hurried pass into triple coverage on first down.

Oh well, there's always next week. Go VIKES!!

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