Ok, I've never really been totally on board with the whole airbnb deal. Seems weird.  Like you are staying with someone else's grandparents or something.  Same thing I feel with just a regular bed n breakfast.  It's just strange space invasion.  But then I saw this thing... and it's docked on the Mississippi in St. Paul.  It's kind of cool.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Home Theater

It's a pirate themed airbnb that is actually a ship. Who wouldn't want to stay a night in something cool like this?  Check it out here.

The pirate ship, 65 feet long and 14 feet wide, looks and feels like a real pirate ship. It was inspired by the owner's time in the Bahamas, where real pirates once roamed the seas.

Not really sure you could do this in the winter months, but the summer... great idea.  Great place to take the family and pretend you are doing Pirates of the Caribbean or something like that.  Who gets to play Jack Sparrow??

The deck is a great place to relax in the sun. There is plenty of seating and table space. Though there can only be four overnight guests, the deck can accommodate up to 15 people for parties or other events.

Might have to draw names to see who actually gets to stay overnight on the ship.  But even if you weren't one of the ones staying overnight on the thing, this is super cool.  Book it for your next family/friends get together.  Here is there airbnb page. 




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