Whether you’re a Sammy guy or a Dave guy (or even if you’re one of the rare weirdos that prefer Gary Cherone over either of them) you have to admit – Van Halen is simply one of the greatest musical acts of all time, regardless of line-up. I remember when I first really started getting into their body of work.

I was about 13 and just started playing guitar, and my cousin (also a guitarist) turned me on to their material. The ones that stood out at first that got me hooked were “Eruption” and “Why Can’t This Be Love.” Eventually I fell in love with the majority of their catalogue. There are a lot of incredible Van Halen tunes, but today I’m gonna give you my top 10 (in order.) Here we go.

  1. Dreams
  2. Why Can’t This Be Love
  3. Right Now
  4. Human’s Being
  5. The Dream Is Over
  6. Panama
  7. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
  8. Hot For Teacher
  9. Love Walks In
  10. Eruption

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