After a layoff of nearly 30 years, Thin Lizzy are currently working on a new studio album. Despite maintaining a steady touring schedule since reforming shortly after the 1986 death of original frontman and primary songwriter Phil Lynott, the Irish rockers have not released any new material since their initial breakup following 1983′s ‘Thunder and Lightning.’ They have, however, released several live albums.

Earlier today (June 24) guitarist Damon Johnson, who joined in 2011, tweeted the following: “Thin Lizzy enters the recording studio tomorrow…with electric guitars and amps a’blazin’; and Brian Downey’s full drum kit! #itsabouttime.”

Downey is the only original member of Thin Lizzy remaining. Guitarist Scott Gorham joined the group in 1974, and Darren Wharton has been their keyboardist since the early-1980s. Back in February, Gorham said that new music from the band was “pretty damned likely.”

Earlier this month, frontman Ricky Warwick told Rock Fusion that the band has been working on new material without really knowing if anything would come of it. “[W]e’ve just been sitting down and playing each other our stuff and it’s been really great,” he said. “I mean it’s really early days, but everyone’s very excited and got loads of ideas…so we will just take it from there and see what happens. Ideally we’d love to record as much as we can, but…[t]he bar has been set very high and we will only release what we 100 percent believe in, whether that’s two tracks or 12 tracks, I mean I’d love it to be a full album but well just need to take it as it goes.”