The shortages from the pandemic continue.  First, there was the hoarding of toilet paper (I still don't understand that one) and then there was the bottled water... you know you can actually drink the stuff from the tap.  But whatever.  How about the shortage of coins, like change?  Some people doubt whether or not that is actually the truth. And now, there is the shortage of Dr. Pepper.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw TSM St Cloud
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw TSM St Cloud

This Dr. Pepper shortage, in all flavors by the way, is because of the aluminum can shortage.  That's because of the amount of drinking of soda and beer that people are doing at home, out of a can, rather than at the bar, out of a glass or bottle.  But why Dr. Pepper?

Well, it might be other sodas as well, but when the Coca-cola people were asked, they didn't respond.  So, we don't actually know if there is a shortage with their sodas as of yet.

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The aluminum can shortage includes not just soda, it's beer too.  Maybe when we go to the liquor store, we should buy bottles  instead?  I mean, it's a thought.  Might save on the aluminum cans.  And on that note, do people still haul their aluminum cans in to the recycling place and collect some cash?  We don't.  We put it into the recycling bin.  And when the city come by to pick up the recycling... who knows what happens after?  We hope we know...

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