The Universe is full of mystery. So many things that I wonder about daily.


Granted, my mind is slightly on the warped side. Some people may describe me as having "one wheel in the sand". That being said, these are just a few things I wonder about.

1. What ever happened to "Ring Around the Collar"?  Back in the 70's, this was a big problem to be feared by all. Did Wisk detergent finally prevail?

2. Why is Philippines spelled with a Ph and Filipino spelled with an F.

3. On the old TV show "Bewitched", what did they do with the original Darren?  All of sudden there was a new one and no one on the show seemed to notice. Or, maybe, they were all complicit in his demise.

4. How long did it take those two penguins to get to Noah's Ark?

5. Why doesn't healthy food taste as good as unhealthy food?

And finally

6. How do women do that trick where they pull their bra out of one sleeve?

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