We all want things to go smoothly this 4th of July holiday. There are a few simple guidelines to go by. I would say rules, but who likes rules. So, we'll just go with "guidelines".

Boston Readies for 4th of July Celebrations
Darren McCollester, Getty

1. Needless to say but I will anyway, drive safely. It's sad and kind of scary to think about but there are people walking around work today, anticipating a great 4th of July and they have no idea they won't be here after the holiday. So.please be careful whether you are driving or boating.

2)  Don't drink too much. It's only a one day, in the middle of the week, kind of holiday.

3. Don't talk politics or get sucked into a political argument. many families are split on this subject. Yeah, I know, it's hard to believe that half my family is so dumb.  suck it up and keep it happy.

4. Be careful with the fireworks. Emergency rooms are full of guys who yelled "Hey watch this". I had a friend that was not too bright. He blew off one of his fingers with a cherry bomb. After that,the poor guy had to drop his pant to count to ten.

Enjoy the day and appreciate that you are living in the greatest country on the planet. Always has been.

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