There are things in movies that really never happen in real life.  The one that sticks out to me is when someone run in to tell everyone about some breaking news story.  Whether it's on the radio or on TV it's always right when they turn it on.  No waiting... no missing 3/4 of the story- complete story right there in it's entirety.  That never happens.

Ghost woman
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Or when a girl gets up from the bed and has the entire sheet wrapped around her... really?  First, why?  Secondly, how'd you do that so nicely?  Or when it's wrapped perfectly around them while still in bed.  How?  You must have really worked at that one.  And thirdly, when someone is "hiding" in an upper area of the room.  How do you not notice that?  Like right behind you or just off to the side.  There is no way you wouldn't notice those things.


Buzzfeed put together a list of movie things that could never happen in real life.  What would you add?

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